Sanford City Commision Directs Staff to Proceed with Establishing a Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries within the City Limits

At the Monday, October 27th Commision meeting, the Sanford City Commision voted to direct staff to proceed with establishing a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries within the City limits for a period of 6 months with a provision that the moratorium could be extended another 6 months should the City comission deem it neccessary. in the event that Amendment Two passes in the General Election on November 4, the City will not permit medical marajuana disperansaries within the City of Sanford until the moratorium has ended.

The moratorium will give the city valuable time to make the important decision on what regulations are neccessary to protect the health safety and welfare of City residents and visitors. The City commision plans to officially vote on the moratorium at its December 15th, 2014 meeting.