The State of Seminole County Elections

Hello all!

Earlier Tuesday, Governor Rick Scott delivered his State of the State speech, followed by President Barack Obama's delivery of the annual State of the Union in the evening.

This is a great opportunity to discuss the state of Seminole County's elections, and how you can help to ensure they remain the model for the rest of Florida and the nation.

In Seminole County, we have the benefit of America's Finest Elections Team, and our voters are sophisticated, savvy and involved. We have historically had the fastest-moving lines, the highest voter turnout and a customer satisfaction rating which is the envy of elections offices nationwide. And we do it all while having the lowest per capita budget in the region.

That last paragraph cannot be stressed enough: we have the highest voter turnout, and do it with the region's smallest per capita budget. In an environment when so many government entities tie their success to their increased funding, my office takes pride in our frugal, efficient operations.

In my nearly eleven years on the job, we have made many improvements to the process, while understanding that the core function of an elections office is to implement efficient elections while ensuring voters have trust in the process. We have been highly successful, as voters and leaders from all parties have faith in our process here in Seminole County. And we've become a model for efficiency and trust in the nation.

Because of our reputation, state and national leaders listen to us. Legislation which I proposed several years ago to allow veterans to use their VA benefits card as a form of voter ID is now being sponsored by Representative Bob Cortes. Florida needs elections officials who are respected enough to drive common sense, voter-focused legislation.

I'm running for reelection to keep this momentum going strong.

This is where you come in.

I'm sending this email to a select group of community leaders such as yourself asking for your financial support of the campaign.

Any bit will help us. Would you be willing to assist with a contribution of $5, $25, $100 or more?

Simply click on this link to be taken to the campaign website Right on top of the page is the "Donate" button. The website is a secure, fast way to make a difference.

Thank you for the consideration.


Mike Ertel
Seminole County Supervisor of Elections

Political advertisement, paid for and approved by Michael Ertel, Republican, for Seminole County Supervisor of Elections -- NOT created using your tax dollars