Frank's Focus - June 2016

This month my Focus is written with melancholy and great trepidation.

Why? Voting has always been important to me. I am proud that since turning 18 all those years ago I have never missed voting in any election at any level. However, I have to tell you, in many of those elections I had to hold my nose and vote for unfavorable candidates because those were the choices I was given.

As we approach the 2016 Presidential election I once again look at the possible candidates and am again holding my nose. Given the current status of the primary process, I see no clear choice for the highest office in our country. For me, both major party candidates are unworthy.

So I have to tell you, frankly, I have had serious thoughts about sitting out this election for the first time in my life. Yes, I have seriously considered not going to the polls on election day in protest of the system. I have also thought about going and just skipping the Presidential ballot altogether. However, in telling you that, I will keep my string intact and vote on November 1, 2016.

For me, as much as I am challenged by the system we have established and support and the candidates we need to select from, I also realize that by not voting I am giving away something that is very important in a democracy. As a student of political science I know that by not voting I am giving greater weight to the votes of others who do vote and also supporting a system where low voter turnout benefits insiders who have given us the system that we have.

I ask that you to join me in voting. Throughout our history millions of American men and women have lost lives, been severely injured or have and have fought and returned home to secure many freedoms for each of us, including the right to exercise a vote on election day. Each day we salute our veterans at events and through other opportunities. We can strengthen those salutes by exercising the vote that they have fought to preserve. We also have the right to hold our nose in doing so!


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