Frank's Focus - September

This past Tuesday voters spoke in primary elections that changed key offices within Sanford and Seminole County. Thank you to the candidates who stepped forward to provide voters with their views and candidacy.

Congratulations to five Chamber members who were among the candidates and elected office holders. They Abby Sanchez, who ran for and won a seat on the Seminole County School Board by defeating long-time Board member Dede Schaffner;  Susie Dolan of Waste Pro, who won the race for State Republican Committee Woman over Chamber member Kathryn Townsend and Cindy R. Cooper Yousell;  Chamber member Brenda Carey, who won a primary race over Francis Coleman Oliver for Seminole County Commissioner and Chamber member Michael McLean of the McLean Insurance Agency, who was a candidate for Seminole County Clerk of the Court.

In other races, the Chamber congratulates Patrick Austin, who was elected to his first term on the Sanford City Commission; Joel Greenburg, who won election as Seminole County Tax Collector, defeating incumbent Ray Valdes; Christina Sanchez, who was elected as a Circuit Judge in Group 9 of the 18th Judicial Circuit; Jesse Phillips, who won the Republican race for State Committeeman; John Mica, who won the Republican primary election for US Congress in Florida’s 7 District; Marco Rubio, who won the Republican primary race for US Senate and Patrick Murphy, who won the Democrat primary race for US Senate.

As attention now moves to the November general election it is extremely important for each of us to educate ourselves about the candidates and issues in each race.  Yes, it takes work to achieve that goal; however, doing so is very important to the elective process that governs our country. Decisions made at the local, county, state and national levels impact our businesses and communities every day. An informed and knowledgeable electorate is so very important to that process. We owe it to ourselves and each of the candidates for public office.