News from City Hall: Sanford Exceeds Floodplain Management Practices

Policyholders Eligible to Receive Premium Discounts as of October 1, 2016

Floods are the number 1 natural disaster in the United States and can strike at any time.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) runs the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP, in order promote safeguarding lives and property, created the Community Rating System (CRS). The CRS is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes communities for implementing floodplain management practices that exceed the Federal minimum requirements to provide protection from flooding.


Flood insurance premium reductions are determined by a community's CRS Class. In exchange for Sanford’s proactive efforts to reduce flood risk, policyholders can now receive reduced flood insurance premiums for buildings in the community.


The City of Sanford will enter the CRS program for the first time starting October 1, 2016. This provides a 15% reduction in Flood Insurance premiums for every policy written within the City. This includes residences, businesses and government buildings.


For more information please contact the Planning Department, Michael Cash, Planning Engineer at

phone 407-688-5148.