Leadership Incite by BlackRain Partners

Complimentary Seminars

Professionals from a variety of industries hone their business skills through our energetic and informational sessions. 

This series gives you real-world tools you can use to develop leaders, spot growth opportunities and drive both productivity and profit. You'll never want to attend one of those stuffy workshops again. You can now download a full list of our complimentary seminars from our website. We look forward to your attendance. 

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Who is Really to Blame?

How do you hold your staff (and yourself) accountable? 

Do you have formal job descriptions, training, a performance management system, goals, development opportunities and rewards? Do you have metrics to ensure the above is effective, efficient and a positive ROI?

What's At Risk:  

Cost of payroll -especially for hourly workers, lost productivity, wrong people in a position, unsatisfactory internal and external customer experience, positive customer satisfaction which leads to brand management and legal issues

Potential Reward:  

Streamlined and efficient processes, clear employee expectations, employee engagement, patient satisfaction and long-term retention (of the right people)

People Are Your Competitive Advantage

We provide the following HR Consulting & Advisory Services to help your bottom line!

High-Level Audits and Staff Assessments 
In Depth Audits and Process Assessments 
Compliance, Policies and Procedures Support
Ethics compliance program development
Support with HR processes from selection and onboarding to performance management and termination
Human Resource Training for HR personnel and all supervisors
Continuing Education Provider (HRCI, SHRM)