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Don’t miss our upcoming Train the Trainer for one of our Evidence Based programs…The Stress Recovery Effect.  This first training of the year is coming up on February 26-27th.  We have seen amazing results within our own and outside organizations who have rolled this program out to their employees and wanted to provide you with this opportunity.  A brief description is below.

Avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” approach so common with most stress management programs, Drs. Tibbits and Hall have produced an individualized/customized program—within a range—where each participant will identify their own Stress Coping Style (SCS) and create a Personal Stress Profile (PSP). With these tools, you will be able to coach your employees to learn new personalized strategies for optimizing (not eliminating) stress.

  • Identify your distinctive Stress Coping Style (SCS). 
  • Create your Personal Stress Profile (PSP).
  • Learn how to make stress work for you not against you.
  • Acquire tools to recover and refocus your energy.
  • Find out why avoidance of stress is NOT a long-term strategy.
  • Experience greater focus, creativity, and joy in life.
  • Learn new strategies for optimizing (not eliminating) stress.

Please contact Lisa Davis at if you are interested in receiving more information.

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